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Paris 1924: A group of cocktail lovers and cosmopolitan bars was regurarly gathering at the legendary Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. Soon, the group grew larger and it’s members began to locate and list all the bars they considered classy and creative. These bars were called bar-traps and the fraternity that this network of bars was called Barflies.

Athens 2014: A group of professionals with experience in hospitality were brought together by the common interest in visiting the best bars in the world. They decided to share their experience and founded Barflies aim to offer their full knowledge and experience while organizing social and corporate events which are at the level of the best and most famous cocktail bars of the world.

Events that don’t just happen

This is how all begins: You have an idea. We listen carefully and when needed we all our own input. You inspire us and we use this inspiration to lay out the plan of your dream event. We welcome you to our own “bar trap”, the Barflies headquarters, where you taste our cocktails and our non alcoholic drinks with ThodorisPirillos and create your own tailor made cocktail list. You leave satisfied that everything ranging from your event’s welcome drinks that can accommodate events of up to 3000 guests. We are discrete and punctual while setting up our mobile bar service at any venue imaginable and our specialized personnel is always ready to serve your guests.

Events that don’t just happen

Συνεργαζόμαστε με τις μεγαλύτερες επιχειρήσεις προκειμένου να υλοποιηθούν μεγάλες εταιρικές εκδηλώσεις με χαρακτήρα και υψηλό επίπεδο. Αντιλαμβανόμαστε, υποστηρίζουμε, αναβαθμίζουμε το concept των events και φροντίζουμε να προσφέρετε μια εποικοδομητική και πρωτόγνωρη εμπειρία στους καλεσμένους σας.

3 Cents



Cairo Ritz Carlton


Egypt Wedding

Barflies Family

Barflies Cocktails


Barequip Barstations


M Dry Mastiha


Wind Party

Pepsi \ Hard Rock cafe

ale non usual casual event Ωδείο Αθηνών

Survivor event for WIND Hellas Metropolitan Expo

KTM-READY TO RACE event party

Business event

Events that don’t just happen

Ξέρουμε πολύ καλά ότι μια επιτυχημένη κοινωνική εκδήλωση δεν είναι θέμα τύχης. Ανταποκρινόμαστε και στις πιο ιδιαίτερες απαιτήσεις, ενώ εξασφαλίζουμε ότι θα πραγματοποιήσετε αυτό ακριβώς που έχετε ονειρευτεί. 

Cairo ritz carlton

Ekali Club


Medieval Party Πύργος Petreza


Λίμνη Βουλιαγμένης

Κοινωνικές Εκδηλώσεις

Βάπτιση Μωρίς

Γάμος -Πύργος Ηλίας

Λίμνη Βουλιαγμένης #2



 Πάρτυ γενεθλίων Καβούρι

Πύργος Petreza γάμος

cosmic disco party

Christmas eve party

Christmas party

Μουσείο Γουλανδρή

Μέγαρο Υπατία

Private party

Glow Party

Private Party

winter private party

Events that don’t just happen

Συνεργαζόμαστε με δημοφιλή brands και προσφέρουμε τη γνώση μας και τις υπηρεσίες μας για να τα προωθήσουμε με πρωτότυπους τρόπους. Παράλληλα, συνδυαζόμαστε με επιχειρήσεις του κλάδου και κάνουμε συνέργειες ώστε να διευρύνουμε δημιουργικά τις υπηρεσίες μας. 

Maa boo swimwear

Events that don’t just happen

Έχουμε κάνει σωστά τη δουλειά μας, όταν εσείς διασκεδάζετε πραγματικά. Γι΄ αυτό φροντίζουμε να υποστηρίξουμε τις ιδέες σας για δημιουργικά πάρτι. Σας βοηθάμε στην οργάνωση παιδικών πάρτι και προσαρμόζουμε τον κατάλογο μας με λαχταριστά smoothies, φρέσκους χυμούς, κρύες και ζεστές σοκολάτες και φυσικά ποιοτικό καφέ.

Disco Party

Mexican Party


Theme Egypt Party

Expert advice for bar consulting

Our multi year experience in hospitality management and our passion for the increasingly popular cocktail bar culture are both at your disposal. We are more than willing to consult you and guide you through setting up and managing your bar, creating your cocktail menu and training your personnel.

The Barflies Team always thirsting for adventure

Our quest to seek the best bars in the world and our passion and joy to methodically offer you the best possible bar experience anywhere and at any time needed, are the reasons that bring us together. We take pride in the fact that our team consists of experts in event planning who are partners in successful bar and restaurant businesses such as Theory Bar and More, Odori Vermuteria di Atene, The Clumsies, A for Athens and Alemagou beach bar restaurant in Myconos. The Barflies have the “Know how” of planning and organizing high end social and corporate events.


The inspiration behind every drink we serve is the world renowned Head
bartender of A for Athens, Pirillos Thodoris.


Experienced businessman in the hospitality sector and event management.
Owner of The clumsies, Odori vermuteria di Atene and Theory Bar&More.


Twenty years experience in the roadshow and tourism sector as well as
in the planning and organizing conventions in Greece and abroad.


Passionate in the cocktail bar culture, George started from the Theory
Bar&More, while working his way up to the management of Palmitas
pop up bar and Odori vermuteria di Atene. Participated in the
distinguished program Tales of the Cocktail, for two consecutive years.


Experienced businessman and owner of Alemagou beach bar & restaurant in Mykonos.